The Book by Photokeeps Journey


Embark on a Photographic Odyssey with The Book by Photokeeps: Crafted with Care and Excellence

With an illustrious history spanning 19 years, The Book by Photokeeps stands as a trusted companion on your creative voyage. We understand that your pursuit of excellence requires the utmost dedication, and our unwavering commitment to “Crafted with Care and Excellence” is a testament to our shared aspirations. As you navigate the terrain of visual storytelling, let us walk alongside you, enriching your narrative with the expertise garnered from years of experience.

  • The Book by Photokeeps Journey
  • The Book by Photokeeps Journey
  • The Book by Photokeeps Journey

Unveiling The Book’s Rich Legacy: A Journey Through Time

Founded in June 2004, The Book by Group USA & Co., Inc. emerged as a pioneering force within the photography industry. Renowned for its innovative leather albums and commitment to high quality, it swiftly secured a reputable standing. Operating from the Export Processing Zone in Calamba, Laguna, with a sales office in New York, USA, The Book established itself as a prominent exporter of premium albums.

The legacy thrived, and to this day, The Book continues to shine as a prominent player, grounded in the vision of delivering top-tier albums at competitive prices. With imported components and handcrafted materials, we weave artistry and dedication into every album we create. In a pivotal move in November 2010, The Book transitioned from its former abode to a new home in ParaƱaque City, strengthening its commitment to better serve local patrons. Further evolution came in April 2017 with the inception of Photokeeps Inc., a company dedicated to marketing The Book as a brand that echoes excellence.

A Vision of Excellence, A Mission of Dedication

Vision: Our pursuit is nothing short of establishing the pinnacle of product excellence and unparalleled service in the photo album crafting industry. We pride ourselves on delivering impactful results, ceaselessly striving for excellence across every facet of our operations.

Mission: Our mission is a dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients’ photo-album requisites, augmenting their enterprises with added value. Our team is steadfast in fostering exceptional service and cultivating enduring relationships with our esteemed clients. Our credibility isn’t solely derived from our words; it’s exemplified through the quality of our meticulously crafted products. Our focus is clear: building enduring, successful partnerships with our clients. Each album we create is infused with devotion, diligence, and a profound sense of responsibility.

The Book by Photokeeps acknowledges that your craft demands nothing less than excellence. We are attuned to the significance of every image you capture and every story you tell. As you embark on your creative journey, let our legacy of care and excellence interweave seamlessly with your vision, guiding you toward unparalleled artistic heights. Your photobook isn’t just a collection of images; it’s a testament to the stories you immortalize, and we’re here to ensure that each moment you capture finds its rightful place in the realm of forever.