About The Book!

In June 2004, The Book by Group USA & Co., Inc. was established. In a short period of time, it quickly gained a reputable name in the photography industry, known and acclaimed as one of the first exporters of high-quality, innovative leather albums. It operated out of the Export Processing Zone in Calamba Laguna, and had a sales office in New York USA. To this day, The Book remains to be a top player in the industry, sustained by its vision to produce top-quality albums at competitive prices, using imported component and hand-crafted materials. Last November 2010, in line with the company’s desire to serve its local customers better, The Book relocated from its former location at the Export Processing Zone to its new home in Parañaque City. In April 2017, Photokeeps Inc. was formed as a company to market The Book as its brand.

About The Book

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions to all our client’s photo-album  needs and  add value to their businesses. Our  staff  are focused on providing great service and  forming lasting relationships with our clients. We will  be judged  not only by our words but  by  the  quality of the products we provide.  Earning the  right  to  sustain  successful  long-term  relationships  with  our clients is  our  main focus. Our albums are hand-crafted. We can always assure each client  that  every detail of their  album is made with dedication, hard work  and with full responsibility. The Book by Photokeeps understands that your work demands excellence.

About Mission Vision

Our Vision

We endeavor to  become the  gold  standard of product excellence and outstanding service in the photo-album making industry.

We pride ourselves on  bringing  results  that count in  everything that we set out to do, and we  constantly strive for excellencein all areas of our business.