Is there free delivery?
We offer free delivery around Metro Manila. Outside of Metro Manila, delivery charges vary depending on the courier, location, weight and size of items delivered.
What is the payment process like?

Once you’ve placed your order with us via phone or messenger, we’ll quote you your total price + shipping fee. You can pay via GCash or Bank to Bank Transfer

Do you accept COD?

We do not accept COD.

Where can I find the prices?

We customize our products to fit your needs. Please call us so we can make your perfect book and quote an appropriate price.

Any discounts for bulk orders/ loyal customers?

We’ve newly introduced a loyalty program that will entitle you to faster service, discount, and other. Please call us to inquire about this.

Do you provide layouting service?

We currently do not provide any layouting service.  Some layouting softwares you can consider are: x,y,z.

How many pages are your photobooks?
All books can be made from 20 to 60 pages.
How do I send files to you?
Once you’ve ordered a photobook with one of our sales rep, you can provide a google drive link of your files to them directly and we’ll handle the rest.
Can I get samples of your photobook?
If you’re a new client within MM and want to see our products, please contact us so we can schedule a visit to your studio and talk through our products and services.

If you’re an existing client and want to showcase your work, we offer a sample discount at 30% off. Our samples have a ‘For Sample Only’ text printed.

How long does it take for you to make my photobook?

Your order will be ready for delivery within a 14-day production period. Please contact us if you have more time-sensitive projects.

How do I start crafting my photobook with you?
Contact Us – our sales representatives are ready to serve you.
Do you cater to only photographers and photo studios?
Remove “only” because we have direct customers too.